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Catering Services

We can provide catering services for any occasion or event. From private parties to conferences, business lunches, weddings and larger events.

Philippe's passion for cooking ensures he has skills and knowledge to create mouth-watering dishes that will have your guests talking long after your event, his home-made pizzas will be the talk of your party! 

We prepare all food fresh on the day to ensure highest standards are maintained. Get in touch and let us help you make your event memorable. 


Sweet Treats

Philippe is an all round talented chef who can create tasty sweet treats as part of your buffet or event or to order on their own! 

Popular items are home-made tablet, macaroon and bounty bars as well as delicious cakes such as carrot cake or victoria sponges. 

He can create anything you desire, just ask! 


Fresh Hot Crepes

Our Fresh Hot Crepes concept is a very popular and unique addition to parties and events.

We come and serve  freshly made crepes to your guests for a set period of time.

Crepes can be sweet or savoury. Sweet options include Nutella, syrup, sugar, lemon juice, fresh fruit or desicated coconut. Popular savoury options can be combinations of ham, cheese, onion , bacon or mushroom.